Praise God, It's Spring Break

Spring Break !
Not sure what springbreak means to Harmony Korine, but to me, it means watching movies and going thrift-store searching and drinking coffee.
It will also involve grading, but patience- grading will happen at some later date. As of now, I am enjoying myself. I'm feeling satisfied, you might say....

Got an(other) album by AndraƩ Crouch and the Disciples today. That's right! Today! You are getting fresh-old tracks.
Above track is not wholly representative of their sound- most of it is a more standard gospel sound, and so not nearly so dance-ready as that song.

But hey, it's my goddamn goshdarn blog, and that is the song I most want to play. You know, I'm more a "The Disco is My Church", a "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" kind of guy. All their songs are quite good, a lotta power coming out of these disciples, but I'd most like to share this standout, if 'black-sheep', song.

Here are some of the liner notes, in case you are curious.
It is interesting that this, the first "Best of AndraƩ Crouch & the Disciples" album, should be released at this time. For this is an age in which wee are experiencing a nostalgic fervor across our country-- a yearning to recall some of the good-times from years past.

Needless to say, there is a nostalgic touch to this recording, too. The songs on this album are the songs that over the past years you have told us were your favorites. Most of these favorites bring back memories-- memories of difficulties and struggles-- but mostly times of great blessing and joy.

Our thoughts now are centered on the many people and friends around the world who have told us of the impact our songs have had on their lives-- praise God!

Isn't it present today as well, the thirst for nostalgia?
I think so; it would explain why all of America is flocking to my blog.


Mary J. Blige, "Going Down" to the "Car Wash" (soundtrack)

Today is Mary J. Blige’s birthday. Let’s celebrate!

I was already thinking just yesterday about posting this song, so now my hand has been forced by fate.
Like a dog tied to a rolling cart: “fate leads the willing, and drags the unwilling”. So let’s roll to the Car Wash together (you don't really have a choice).

Above is the original of “I’m Going Down”, covered to great effect (to say the least) by Queen Mary.

It is on the soundtrack to “Car Wash”, which is excellent, all the way through.

Not only does it have those mood-setting 2:00 long bits, for playing in the background of movie scenes, it has more standard songs with lyrics too. Pointer Sisters on “You Gotta to Believe” (“in something/ why don’t you believe in me?”)

The songs are all credited to Rose Royce and Norman Whitfield; ‘Rose Royce’ sounds like Rolls Royce, a funny little pun, which I just realized. “RR” is actually a group, not a stage name for a single person; this helps explain the wide variety of songs here, because it is not just a single writer plus one female singer, but a whole group plus the guy who wrote “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”.

--I just realized, there is way too much good stuff on this album, and way too many songs that I am thinking of to pair with each song... I gotta split this into more than one post!--

So just one little bit more, of related news… I own the movie “The Wash”, starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Lion.

It even has Eminem in it, as a crazy person… really flexing his acting chops there… I think I bought this when TLA closed up its Center City shop. Still haven’t watched it yet. I’m pretty sure it is a rubbish movie, but, some things, you just have to own.

"After Sex" is actually on the soundtrack of another movie I own/haven't seen yet... music on that film done by none other than Curtis Mayfield.


Elvis Presley is Not That Interesting

Oh! There is a yuletide star in the sky...

follow it, and you'll find, not a manger....
but Youtube videos! Of Charlie Rich and Elvis Presley!

"Well, I make it alright/
Monday morning to Friday night/
but oh...
Those Lonely Weekends".
Don't be 'so sorry Charlie'! Christmas is around the corner; then you have a few days off... so it's like Every Day is the Weekend! (...oh, ah, ... nevermind)

"you said you'd be good to me, said our love would never die/
said you'd be good to me, but baby-- you didn't even try".

I pulled this Charlie Rich sound out of my vinyl stacks for you, because I heard the following song on the ol' radio :

(live version of Elvis' "Blue Christmas")

Well, of course I heard this on the radio, 'tis the season, right?
Now I like this song, even though I have heard it a time or two. I once sang the most Elvis-y part ("bluuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuhuhuuue") to my cousins, some far ago Xmas, and it cracked them up. At least that is how I remember it!

Anyhow, Charlie Rich's singing and playing covers a vast swath of styles: country-gospel; rockabilly-y;

straight old country;

early RocknRoll or RnB (you know, with the "Blues" still in RnB).

But on "Lonely Weekends", as you can clearly see/hear, he is doing a little Elvis impression. And he's so good at it, and just flat out so good, as one YouTube comment said, "Who needs Elvis?"
Me, I couldn't be bothered to give Elvis coal for Christmas: I just don't care about him. But Charlie Rich? If you see a Rich-Record, for Christ's sake (it's his b-day after all), get me the damn thing!
What do you all think: please tell me someone else out there prefers Charlie Rich to Elvis.
Any takers?


Halloween: Rockabill-o-ween edition (twang!)

With Halloween coming, c'mon, you gotta listen to The Cramps.
(listen to darn near all of it, if you wanna)

Grab that DL on the DL

It might hurt, burn, sting, a little-- yet "when the devil drives, you needs must go".

If that song brings you to a dark place, friend, try this version instead: Roy Orbison's more upbeat and swinging version. This is closer to Casper the Friendly Ghost (in the best possible way).

Download Domino by Roy Orbison

And to finish, an earlier Roy Orbison version, that sort of splits the difference between Casper and Lux:

See, everybody loves sunglasses. "Sunglasses: Not just for Albinos Anymore!"


Halloween- HalloNew Order Edition

Download "SkullCrusher" (BOO!) by New Order

New Order created the theme to a movie, called Salvation! (the exclamation mark is not mine), and the songs are all real gems.
The movie, is "maybe not" a real gem.
(although it does have Viggo and Exene Cervenka in it... wait, now I am thinking "maybe so" )
It seems to involve blackmailing a sham preacher... pretty Halloweenesque.

"Sputnik" is airy, atmospheric, like fog drifting around a car, coasting through a deserted back stretch of highway... with no driver!!! (scary)

It's movie music, you know, so most of these songs have zero words. Only "Touched by the Hand of God" has any.
"Sputnik" is the most clearly from a movie- it's 'filmic';
the other ones are that subset of New Order style which reminds you forcefully of Joy Division.

"Skullcrusher" is the one that sounds the very most like Joy Division; "Let's Go" is a close second.
Now, I like New Order when they don't sound like Joy Division, absolutely (we all do, right?!?! ),
but when developing a Halloween theme, by God, it had better sound like Joy Division.


Halloween!: Soft Cell-oween Edition

Okay, so you gotta play these back to back, okay? They run directly into each other on the album, so let's try to mimick that magick.

Fair warning: there are totally nipples in the sexdwarf video- actually, there is all manner of batshit shit going on- so don't try watching it at work. Ain't nobody need to get fired in "this economy".

If you've already been fired, fantastic! Because not only musically and lyrically, but also *visually*, these videos are a match for the current Halloween theme.

(love that line: "luring disco dollies to a life of vice")

These songs come off the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret album. This album has "Tainted Love" on it, but it is no exaggeration to say that every song on this album is good. So if you see it in a record bin, don't be scared to buy it.

By the way, it looks like this:

Except bigger, you know? Like 12"x12".

Also, it doesn't fit at all with the Halloween theme, but Kyle might recognize this Soft Cell song too. But nobody else click on it! Promise?


Halloween- HalloWoman Edition

Halloween- yes! The best international holiday ever, easy.
(except for maybe Thanksgiving, which I just learned Canadians also celebrate)
(and except my birthday)

So to help you celebrate- because I'm a giver, see?- I will put up a slew of unholy holiday-related songs.
Now, this song musically is not so dark or spooky-ooky. But, it is by the great (late- that's sorta Halloween-ish) Marty Robbins.

(download Devil Woman- Marty Robbins as you watch below)

Now, you kids these days, with your John E. Cash, or what have you... Sure, he's who all those kids- who are demanding candy already- would post for their Halloween songs. Sure, sure, "Ring of Fire"- but you already know about that song. Lord, you probably already have that song! So I give you this instead.

Or rather, these instead:

(maybe you can snag that one too.

And this one, you just gotta hear.

Listen to it- it's nuts! It has killing, stampedes, lightning, Mexico, lightning which performs a miracle, and the face of Jesus Christ- the OG Zombie- Respek!


"Get [a post] On Down!", quick!

Just going to quickly put a few things "down" on "paper". The Dells are a really solid band.

They have a "The Sound Of Philadelphia"-type sound. In fact, one of their two lead singers has a gruff, take-charge voice, somewhat reminiscent of Teddy Pendergrass. (...that would not be their falsetto singer...)

See what Eddie Murphy has to say about TP's singing style here- you can see what kind of voice you will be treated to if you snag this track by The Dells.

That's raw, nawImean?
(I mean, the video is from Delirious- the joke, the voice, are raw. Sorry for the confusion: it has been a while.)